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About The Videos

Mark Friedenberg in pickleball action

Breadth and Depth

  •  Losing your serves all too often?
  •  What's the best "third shot" (the answer may surprise you)?
  •  How to exit a dink rally with a winner?
  •  Keep your ___ up, keep your ___ down?
  •  The Twelve Commandments of pickleball?
  •  Best tournament match warm up routine to deal with nervous energy?
  •  What's the "caveman walk" and why is it bad?

That's the tip of the iceberg. These questions and many more are answered in the instructional Clinic2013 videos offered on the Videos page. Friedenberg doesn't just tell you about shot technique and selection and game strategies, he demonstrates them. He also covers position on court and readiness to handle opponents' best shots.

Preview A Video

Visit our Videos page to preview one of the instructional videos of the Clinic2013 series. If you like what you see, open a free account at our "Sign In" page. Then return to the "Videos" page to purchase streaming viewing privileges for Friedenberg's complete Clinc2013 video series.

Slo-Mo and Freeze Frame

Pickleball is a fast action game! A number of the instructional videos show shot technique in slow motion several times in succession with and without freeze-frames so you can carefully examine body position and motion, posture, arm motion, footwork, balance, and paddle position approaching the ball and at point of contact with the ball, and follow-through.

Study the Videos!

View the videos over and over. After trying the lessons on the court, you will then realize how well -- or not so well -- you are playing for best results; for example the motion of the arm and stability of the wrist for forehand strokes. And when you view that video again, you will realize there are other tips you missed in the first viewing; for example, the best angle of the paddle when executing a top spin forehand shot. And step by step, you absorb what Friedenberg advises and incorporate his advice in your game.

Modeling and Visualization

Emulate the Expert

It's common sense to gain knowledge and develop skills pertaining to the game of pickleball from a master of the game. The best way to advance yourself is to emulate a master such as Mark Friedenberg. Tony Robbins, highly respected as the nation's foremost authority on the psychology of peak performance, includes modeling others who have achieved success as the cornerstone of his instructional programs for achieving peak performance.

This website is all about achieving your peak performance in pickleball by learning from and emulating Mark Friedenberg, a widely recognized master of the game, through the medium of streaming video.

Programming the Subconscious Mind

Practice is an attempt to repeat successful shots and employ effective tactics over and over such that they become second nature to you. You reach a point where you don't actually think about the mechanics or style of a shot, you just subconscioualy execute the shot. Some describe it as "muscle memory". The same can be said about court tactics.

What's taking place is that you are recording in your subconscious mind those successful shots and tactics such that they are effortlessly recalled at a moments notice when needed -- if you don't let your conscious mind get in the way. Of course, it's important that what's being recorded are successful shots!

Perfection Through Visual Repetition

There's another way to program the subconscious mind: repetitive visualization of exactly the shots and positive results you want. The subconscious mind has trouble differentiating between actual experiences and visualized experiences. Of course, using visualization, you can be sure to program in only the positive "experiences".

Combine positive visualization with modeling expert technique and you've got a winning formula for developing your pickleball game. The instructional videos offered on Winning Pickleball not only teach the important techniques and knowledge of successful pickleball play, but also offer viewing a master of the sport performing many of the shots required for playing winning pickleball. It may not be easy at first to visualize yourself hitting that shot exactly right, but with Mark Friedenberg performing those shots, you've got a valuable model for your visualization "practice".

Meet Mark Friedenberg

Mark Friedenberg Pickleball Biography

Experience, Prominence

Mark Friedenberg with a ranking of 5.0 is one of the top ranked pickleball players in the United States. He is a National Doubles Champion. Friedenberg has been interviewed on several TV stations, a radio station and by many newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. He has taught many instructional clinics throughout the U.S., and continues to do so (see Contact Us page). His word is highly regarded throughout the pickleball communities in the U.S. and Canada. His teaching experience comes from 22 years of playing tournament pickleball and from being a college instructor. Also, he has written a book on pickleball, "The Official Pickleball Handbook, 2nd Edition."

Mark and the USAPA

In February, 2005 Friedenberg established the new USAPA and its Board of Directors. Under Friedenberg and the USAPA Board of Directors, the USAPA has developed a fantastic and highly dynamic website that is viewed by thousands of people per day, a complete rules review and update, increased memberships, rankings and ratings, training items, marketing, over 400 ambassadors throughout North America, and media relations/publications.


Whether because of his age, or physical stature, or pickleball skills -- or all three! -- his tournament partners and opponents call him Yoda or the "Ancient Master". When it comes to pickleball he is one of the most knowledgeable players to have ever played the game. He always brings with him his "bag of tricks", of which many are exposed in his book.